This film contains examples of the following tropes: Accidental Hero: Kevin foils a bank robbery with his erection. All Men Are Perverts: Kevin and Perry salivate over anything female, and Eyeball Paul has ‘club babes’ with names like ‘Buttasha’, ‘Twattia’ and ‘Wankette’. Beach Episode: This is the film version of the Kevin The Teenager sketches,.. devamı →

A rather hilarious example is Batman (of all people) in the LEGO movie video game. Unlike the movie itself (and his brief appearance in LEGO Dimensions), this Batman is as capable in gameplay as his counterpart from the LEGO Batman games. Adapted Out: One of the biggest drawbacks of Lego games is not what’s in.. devamı →

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A brief clip was used in promos. At least two were done for an attempted syndicated revival in October 1985, hosted by Jack Clark with Gene Wood announcing. These pilots had an new first round involving partners identifying words by giving their definitions. Real Song Theme Tune: In a rare game show example, it’s “Chump.. devamı →

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He didn’t. Percussive Maintenance: The Professor starts trying to fix the mighty Clone O Mat with a hammer. Retcon: Seymour’s fate is retconned in Bender’s Big Score (the first of the four Futurama movies), revealing that Seymour didn’t wait for Fry the whole time because an alternate version of Fry picked up where ours left.. devamı →

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