us 93 near challis camera

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canada goose sale The United States and its allies were gearing up on Tuesday for a probable military strike against Syria that could happen within days as punishment for last week’s chemical weapons attacks blamed on President Bashar al Assad’s government.Western powers have told the cheap canada goose cheap canada goose Syrian opposition to expect military action against Assad’s forces soon, according to sources who attended a meeting between envoys and the Syrian National Coalition in Istanbul. Defence Secretary Chuck Hagel said American forces in the region were “ready to go” if President Barack Obama gives the order, as intelligence agencies assembled what is sure to be final confirmation of the Syrian government’s culpability for Wednesday’s poison gas attack near Damascus.Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Obama spoke over the phone and agreed “that significant use of chemical weapons merits a firm response from the international community in an effective and timely manner,” according to a statement from the Prime Minister’s Office.Still, Canada’s role in any response remains unclear.Canada has said repeatedly it prefers a political solution to the conflict in Syria and has limited its response to sending close to $160 million in humanitarian aid to the region.The Conservatives have also ruled out arming rebels over concerns of extremists among their ranks.Meanwhile, Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird briefed Canadian federal opposition leaders on Syria Tuesday. On Wednesday, he’ll meet with Syrian opposition leader George Sabra, who in Canada on a speaking tour and is expected to press Baird for more assistance in the conflict.White House spokesman Jay Carney said it would “fanciful” to think that anyone other than Syrian President Bashar al Assad’s forces was responsible for the chemical attack, which killed hundreds of people as they slept. canada goose sale

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